Rental Catalog

Make your wedding stand out with some of these very special and unique additions. You cannot find better pricing on gorgeous farm tables and china anywhere. No delivery fees!

Farm Tables

Rental Price: $75              

These ten-foot-long farm tables can seat up to ten guests each and create a magical, old-world ambiance with their natural wood planks. The glowing grain of these tables create an amazing backdrop to literally any place setting or décor theme. Ours have the wonderful ‘no-knee-knock’ legs for your guest’s comfort. They look great paired with the white garden chairs that are included in every onsite wedding. 



Rental Price: $35 per group.

Rented in groups of five, these similar but mis-matched lanterns come with electric candles included. Groups will be a mix of large, medium and small in complementary styles and materials. Gorgeous on your ceremony stage, hanging from trees, on wine barrels or in your centerpieces. Magical when hovering in a large cluster over your head table.


Goat Cart

Rental Price: $100                               

Have a flower girl a bit too young to walk down the aisle? Pulled by another bridal party member, this hand stained wooden cart will create that perfect charming note before the appearance of the bride.

this adds that country chic, adorable component to your ceremony.

Beauty Barrels:

Rental Price: : $75                   

Sooo different from the boring standard high boy cocktail table. Our beauty barrels are gorgeous, wooden wine barrels on wheels drilled with beautiful designs that glow from an interior light. Topped with heavy glass for appetizers or your cake display or on the stage for your wedding certificate signing. Our weddings get two as included amenities. They are now available for offsite rentals!


The Cloud

Rental Price: $150                    

This hanging statement piece is made up of beautiful intertwined contorted branches dripping with living moss. Hidden fairy lights weave through this unique, floating, magical focal piece. Your florist can add your theme florals, hanging votive lights, strands of crystals... Let your imagination run wild. The cloud is perfect over your head table or cake table.


Eight-foot rustic ladder with globe lights, twigs and lanterns

Rental Price: $150                    

This rustic wooden ladder is strung with globe lights and dressed with contorted twigs and assorted hanging lanterns with electric candles included. An amazing statement piece hanging over your head tables, dessert bar, or buffet tables.  Easy to add your personal floral arrangements or greenery.


Hanging sticks: Butterflies, fall leaves, white roses or greenery with tiny clips for your real flowers

Rental Price: $10          

A soft and charming accent piece for your reception space. Choose between dripping strings of white butterflies, fall leaves or summer greenery with hidden clips for your fresh flowers! Hanging from natural branches, these are stunning, floating centerpieces for over every table.  Instantly transforms the room.


Our Arbors: Our gorgeous ceremony arbors will be the center of attention... until you walk down the aisle! There’s a thousand ways to decorate any of our gorgeous arbors.  Choose the one that fits your décor the best.


     'Miss Twiggy' - The Branchy fir arbor     

     Rental Price: FREE (Included in our weddings)     

     Our most popular and included in all onsite weddings, made of mossy branches and includes white drapes.  7-feet tall, 6-fett wide x 3-         feet deep

     Circle Moon Arbor

     Rental Price: $200                       

     A stunning feature!  This green metal frame comes pre-wrapped with living moss as a base for your lush garland greenery, fresh flowers,       branches, twigs, whatever your design or colors require. Cover it with dripping crystals, pink pampas grass, roses, orchids, eucalyptus…           the possibilities are endless. Have a team ready to move it from the ceremony stage to behind your head table for double duty.

     Gold metal diamonds     

     Rental Price: $200             

     Large double steel diamonds in gold, standing on point.  An impressive ten-feet tall and wide!


     Large white starburst     

     Rental Price: $200        

     Wide, tall and covered with hidden hooks for lanterns, ribbons, chandeliers, drapes, floral arrangements, whatever you want. Just over 8-       feet tall, 8-feet wide and 3-feet deep

White china place settings

Rental Price: $3 each setting        

Each setting includes a dinner plate, salad plate, silver flatware (4 pieces) and a water glass. A complete set for a single price, and no delivery charge! Pure, classic, simple white china that can be dressed a thousand ways with chargers and napkins to match your decor.  


Old English Antique China

Rental Price: $1.50  per dinner plate  -  $1.00 per dessert/salad plate      

Classic, old antique plates from another time will set the mood and be a conversation starter at the table. For a table scape with eclectic, old-world ambiance, these beautiful pieces are a must-have.


Silver Flatware

Rental Price: $1 each 4-piece setting        

A four-piece place-setting. A spoon, knife, dinner fork and dessert/salad fork.

Vintage Mis-Matched goblets   

Rental Price: $1 each

The perfect addition to your antique or modern place setting. Numerous shapes and many wonderful colors to lend a tasteful, jewel-tone sparkle to your tables


Crates of white birch logs with moss

Rental Price: $40  per crate

An ‘average’ of eight logs per crate and moss to top about half of them. Endless uses for a magical forest decor. Instant ambiance when added to a stage, staircase, around the ceremony arbor, as centerpieces on the reception tables, anywhere. Top some or all with candles for an enchanting vignette.


Wall of windows

Rental Price:  Varies with size    

These salvaged, last-century windows are chained together to hang as an awe-inspiring and dramatic backdrop for your ceremony space, or head table, photobooth, seating chart, buffet or dessert tables. Use as room dividers or hang them over the guest tables for a unique effect.


Hinged windows, Seating chart, Photo display

Rental Price: $100      

Charming, old-world, wood and chipped-paint hinged windows. Can stand on the ground or a table with plenty of room for your enchanting seating chart. 


LOVE Marquee sign

Rental Price: $100           

Really large at 3’ 4” tall and 9’ 4” long. Next to your head table, on the ceremony site, or setting the glow on the dance floor. This huge, lighted LOVE sign will brighten your event with the very reason for the day! 


Moss / fern backdrop wall

Rental Price: $400           

This 8’ X 8’ wall of lush greenery serves as the perfect backdrop for your head table, cake table, photobooth or ceremony space. Perfectly paired with your personal floral arrangements or our white ‘Love’ or ‘Mr & Mrs’ signs.


‘LOVE’ white sign  or  ‘Mr & Mrs’ sign

Rental Price: $25 each           

These hanging signs in beautiful white script are gorgeous behind the head table or hovering above you, or the dessert table, the photobooth area, anywhere.  These signs are particularly effective on the moss / fern 8-foot backdrop wall above.


Lawn Games

Rental Price: $25 each   

Enjoy some of your favorite classic games on a larger scale to add that extra element to your event. We have oversized Connect 4, Jenga, String Golf and Corn Hole.  Your adult guests will enjoy them even more than the kids!